Ditch the LED Hotspot look and get the neon-like, continuous glow with BLAST LED boat speaker light rings. We provide customized marine / boat LED Speaker light rings, LED Cup Holder light rings and LED Subwoofer light rings to light up most speaker models-- JL Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Poik , Wet Sounds, Exile, and Kickers marine speakers.

Invest in top quality and high intensity BLAST LED LED Strip Lighting, LED Underwater Lights, and LED Deck Lights for an absolute dramatic night boating experience. Blast LED NOX LED Series is IP68 waterproof and durable at affordable pricing.

BLAST LED is launching new "light up your Auto" Trunk Bed Lighting, ATV UTV led strip lights and led rock lights, Truck strip lights and led rock lights. Our kits would be fully customized to fit various automotives. Our new rock led lights and flex strips would fit in wheel well, underbody car, engine compartment. Our LED Lights are IP68 waterproof with double coating (epoxy and silicone tube) and consume a low amerpage power. Our LED strip lights has 3M® super-strength adhesive for easy and quick installation. Our LED Flex Strip Lights and led rock lights come in white, red, green, blue, yellow, orange and multi-color (RGB).