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BLAST LED Cup Holder light rings are the most popular rings among Moomba and MasterCraft boat forum members. We use top of the line waterproof LEDs that provides 60/LEDs per meter.

BLAST LED cup holder rings are frosted throughout on the surface and edges. The rings are ready to go and easy to install. BlAST LED cup holder rings fit most boat cup holders available in the market. Just slide the cup holder rings, attach wire to your 12V power source and enjoy your boat all lit up!

Fits: 3 1/2" - 3 5/8" ID Cup Holder

Product Note
Buying Tip: Buy RGB color and enjoy a choice of 7 different colors in each LED Ring. <font color="red">Please Note that RGB requires <a href=""><u><font color="blue">RGB Controller</font></u></a></font>.
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