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RF remote controlled dimmer - single channel up to 8A or 96W output power. Wires are easily secured with spring loaded connectors.

This remote controlled dimmer can be used to dim LED Modules, LED light Ribbon, LED lights, strip lighting or for dimming any one color LED product with 12 ~ 24v DC power requirements.

Each LED Light Dimmer is paired for use with a unique remote so as to prevent command crossover when using multiple LED Light Dimmer units. 2 x remotes are included.

  • Supply voltage : 12 - 24vDC
  • Output: 1 channel
  • Transmit/receive frequency: 433Mhz
  • External dimension: L110 x W56 x H34mm
  • Net weight: 5oz
  • Output current: 8A
  • Static power consumption: <1 W


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